Effects Of Internet On College Students

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The internet is one of the greatest inventions in the last century. However, some people abuse it and for this reason it can also be the worst invention in the last century. The internet is a fundamental tool to college students. The internet’s effects on college students are both positive and negative; it can help them achieve better grades, communicate with one another and provide entertainment.

On the web, there are hundreds of thousands of websites, ranging from league of legends tutorials to origami tutorials. People, especially college students, tend to use the internet in a way which will not benefit them. One time, I started my homework but I felt like I needed some music. I opened YouTube and looked for my favorite artist; hours
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Personally, the use of Twitter and Facebook has helped me improve my communication skills with people in real life. I spend endless hours chatting with my friends and tweeting about our favorite topics. I don’t do this every day, though, that would impose negative effects in my life. On the other side, the internet can also lead you to isolate yourself from the world around you. I used to have a friend who spent around 14 hours on the computer every day. He barely slept. He never talked to anyone in school. His grades dropped. He was in his own world. Overusing the internet can lead to a boring, lonesome …show more content…
These games are extremely addictive to college students. Students drop out of school just to play videogames and upload their footage on YouTube. Needless to say, there are thousands of people who make a living out of recording themselves playing videogames. Multiplayer games allow groups of friends to play together and strengthen their bonds. I used to play with my group of friends online. We would always have a good time playing and it helped me express myself more. However, endless hours of playing videogames can only mean that homework is not getting done. I learned the hard way that videogames were bad for me; when I got a paper back with a 50% written on red ink in it. Never again did I play videogames for such high amounts of time. Multiplayer games can help you have a good time with your friends and communicate with more people but it can also make you avoid your

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