Effects Of Gmo On The Environment Essay

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To accurately understand the effects of GMO’s on the environment, it is important to first understand what a GMO is and how it changes the identity of the organism. A GMO is a genetically modified organism, this means that the genes of one specific organism are extracted and implanted into a new organism, or that the DNA has been altered and modified (live science). According to conventional breeding, we know that the parents of the individual both give half of the genetic material within the individual. Yet within genetically modified organisms, one or more specifically selected genes are added into the preexisting genetic material of the individual.
According to LiveScience.com, an example of a genetically modified organism would be taking the gene from a spider that assists in silk production, and implanting it into the DNA of a goat (livescience). Before genetically modified organisms, the only way for seed improvement, was to select and collect the seeds from the plants that had performed the best the previous year. After the breakthrough advancement in reproductive research showed that the creation of more durable, larger, and more flavorful plants was possible, the farming world and the food industry was forever changed.
There are two ways to introduce new genetic material into a plant, one by physical means and another by the formation of a plant cell penetrating bacteria through genetic engineering (greenfacts. org). To introduce new genetic material through…

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