Effects Of Being Undocumented On Children Essay

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The following paper will explore the effects of being undocumented on children. Throughout the paper the children discussed will refer to both children who are undocumented themselves and children born in the United States to undocumented parents. The paper will also review literature relevant to the subject, examine policies and agency roles relevant to child welfare and undocumented families. Finally it will discuss efforts being made on a nation level to aid this population.

Effects of Being Undocumented on Children

Immigrant families are among the fastest growing families in the United States and many of these families include children. The number of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. is estimated to be at around eleven million people, and the number of those immigrants who are under eighteen years of age is estimated at about one million, bringing to light important issues at the intersection of immigration and child welfare.
Children who are undocumented and/or who have undocumented parents face a number of challenges including poverty, language barriers, issues with acculturation and minimal family and institutional support, all working together to bring these families to the attention of the child welfare system. Due to low-income wages and lack or financial resources, immigrant families are often forced to live in overcrowded homes or leave their children unattended because they can’t afford childcare. This lack of resources can bring these immigrant families…

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