Effects of Abortion on Mental Health Essay

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Denial is a mechanism that permits to escape during a short time from the suffering that will come after. Some women may say: "I think about it every time I see a pregnant woman. But I keep this thought for myself because it would be indecent." Denial is a sort of refuge to avoid the painful awareness. The fact of keeping all what they think for themselves, can lead to dangerous acts in the future, as a deadly projection on another child (replacement child), a somatic, or going to the act.

Anger is a result of the denial, it can be directed against direct relationships, against the father who did not want the child, or against the mother, who has pushed her to abortion or left her alone with her terrible situation. The loss of the child is experienced by the psyche as a violence that is made against him, and the anger in reaction to this loss corresponds to a projection of the external aggression received. This is actually a return to the sender to avoid being destroyed and to not disappear with the fetus. It is also a way to regain a foothold, to mobilize their energies to protect from possible further blow from what they could be the victim. This allows the woman to become aware of the facts and begin to cope. Then the doubt comes, even if the woman is not ambivalent about her decision before the abortion, she may still have doubts after the medical
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