Effectiveness Of Gun Control And The United States Of America

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Evan Gardiner Gardiner 1
Ms. H. Bodanis
Effectiveness of Gun Control:
From Australia to the United States of America
On April 28th, 1996, Martin Bryant entered the Broad Arrow café, in Port Arthur, ate a meal and slaughtered 12 people. Port Arthur is a former penal colony on the southeast coast of Tasmania. He committed this atrocity with a semi-automatic rifle. He then left the café and continued through a gift shop, parking lot and finally to a gas station killing 22 more innocent civilians. He fled and was only captured the following morning. During the night he killed a hostage. In all, 35 people were murdered and 18 seriously wounded. What the Australian government did in response has been the main reason as to why this attack, nearly 20 years ago, has never been recreated. The United States could apply similar legislation that the Australian government took following 13 mass shootings over a period of 18 years to prevent the normalized commitment of mass shootings. Within 12 days, state and federal leaders proposed, voted upon and passed legislation to prohibit the sale and possession of essentially every type of semi-automatic and rapid-fire rifle. This was to be done in just over two years. The government facilitated a mandatory buyback program with a minute tax hike. They reclaimed over 643 000 weapons and an additional 67 000 fire-arms that were voluntarily given outside of the program. This would cost the people 230 000 dollars.…

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