Effective Training: Systems Strategies and Practices Essay

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1. Which of the following is evidence supporting the assertion that companies are investing in more training?
A) Higher net sales per employee
B) Higher gross profits per employee
C) Higher ratios of market to book value
D) Both A & B
E) All of the above (easy; p.4)

2. In an open system model which of the following statements is not true?
A) Open systems have a dynamic relationship with their environment.
B) Open systems may exist as part of another open system.
C) The system is open to influences from its environment.
D) Inputs are transformed into outputs through a process.
E) All of the above are true.(moderate, p.4-5)
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B) declarative knowledge.
C) practical knowledge.
D) perpetual knowledge.
E) procedural knowledge. (easy; p.19)

23. When a person is able to perform a skill without thinking about what they are doing, they are at which level of skill acquisition?
A) Automaticity (easy; p.19-20)
B) Automatic
C) Compilation
D) Autonomic

24. A broad grouping of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable a person to be successful at a number of similar tasks is known as a
A) competency (moderate; p.20)
B) test
C) job analysis
D) strategy
E) skill set

25. Linking competencies to a set of behaviors that allow you to "know it when you see it" is useful for
A) hiring.
B) training.
C) determining rates of pay.
D) both A & B.
E) all of the above. (easy, p.21)

26. _________ are the foundations for competencies.
A) Tests
B) KSA's (moderate, p. 21)
C) Strengths
D) Motivation
E) Skill sets

27. According to the text, _____ provides the opportunity for learning and _____ is a result of the learning.
A) education; training
B) development; training
C) training; development (easy; p.22)
D) education; development
E) none of the above


28. ___An open system has three parts input, process, and output. (T; p.5)
29. ___A key part of the Domtar strategy was training (T; p.2)
30. ___Higher birth rates are one of the reasons for the changing demographics in North America. (F; p.10)
31. ___In general, the smaller the

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