Effective Teachers Understand How Students Learn Essay

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Principle 1: Effective Teachers Understand How Students Learn
• Behaviorism: Observable and measurable aspects of students’ behavior. Behavior can be learned or unlearned. o Focuses on observable changes in behavior o Uses incentives and rewards for motivation
 Mini lessons, repeated readings, worksheets
• Constructivism: Learning occurs when students integrate new information with their existing knowledge. o Recognizes the importance of background knowledge o Suggests ways to engage students so they can be successful
 Learning logs, KWL charts, word sorts
• Sociolinguistics: Learners use language to organize their thoughts. o Children learn best through authentic and meaningful activities
Principle 2: Effective Teachers Support Students’ Use of the Cueing Systems
• The 4 cueing systems (make communication possible): o Phonological System (sound): The sound system of English with approximately 44 sounds and more than 500 ways to spell them. o Syntactic System (structural): The structural system of English that governs how words are combined into sentences. o Semantic System (meaning): The meaning system of English that focuses on vocabulary. o Pragmatic System (social and cultural): The system of English that offers language choices according to social and cultural uses.
Principle 3: Effective Teachers Create a Community of Learners
• Characteristics of a Classroom Community o Safety o Respect o High Expectations o Risk Taking o Collaboration o Choice o Responsibility

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