Importance Of Effective Teaching


Undeniably, in general, teaching is not a simple issue. An effective teacher must follow some strategies, approaches, styles, methods, etc. to provide the right environment to students. Indeed, teachers play a central role in students’ learning for several reasons. Not only has the teacher’s personality mattered for an effective lesson, but also the teaching. A professional knowledge of Teaching English as a Foreign Language requires many areas such as classroom management, teaching grammar, teaching reading, teaching writing, teaching speaking, etc. If the knowledge of a teacher is enough about these areas, then probably it will turn him/her into an effective teacher, and offer him/her successful teaching lessons.
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Most of the times, second language learners find grammar as the most difficult subject to learn. Grammar is important in order to use the language grammatically, thus teachers should teach it as good as they can. There are two important approaches to teach grammar. The first one is the deductive approach. As Thornbury (1999) describes, deductive approach is based on presentation of rules and examples in which these rules are applied (Thornbury, 1999). For instance, when the teacher wants to teach ‘Past simple tense’, he/she is going to explain the form of that tense and then give specific examples of it. There are some advantages and disadvantages of the deductive approach presented by Thornbury (1999). The first advantage of this approach is that it gets straight to the point and not time-consuming. Many rules can be simpler and quickly explained, which save time for practice through examples. Also, this approach shows respect to the learners’ intelligence and maturity to comprehend the rule before an example. Besides, it helps those learners who have analytical learning style, to confirm their expectations. Furthermore, a number of direct practical examples are given right away. On the other hand, a disadvantage of this approach is that it could be disappointing for some students if the lesson begins with grammar presentation. Following this, young learners might not understand the terminologies that are used for teaching grammar. Also, when the teacher teaches grammar using presentation, the lesson usually turns into teacher focused, because students’ participation is prevented. Moving on, the second approach is the inductive approach which is almost the opposite of deductive. In this approach, the examples come first, and then the rule is inferred. Thus, if the teacher wants to teach ‘Past simple tense’ using the inductive approach, he/she will give an example of

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