Effective Leadership : A Good Leader Essay

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Effective leadership takes involvement, requires active participation and interaction with all levels in the organization. Let’s face it, we all have to sell ideas/goals to our team(s), sell the goal to top management and sell the return in investment to the financial folks. Effective leadership also requires eloquence and good sales skills, ethical behavior and transparency in all transactions and interactions and prioritization of not only work but in his/her personal life as well. In addition, a great leader is an ethical salesperson that listens well and motivates and disciplines without inclination or preferences to anyone. An effective leader vision and mission is always in a state of flux but his/her core values and personal philosophy remains unchanged.
A good leader enables us be able to achieve the desired goals and develop methods including learning decision making models, critical thinking skills that complement the work the culture, teach us to learn proper communication skills and trade specific lingo, to be honest; sincerity can be felt and projected as well as when one is insincere. A leader is aligned on the side of ethics and is ready to lend support at any time, no matter how late in the day, shift or circumstance. According to Leadership (n.d.), Leaders who lead ethically are role models, communicating the importance of ethical standards, holding their employees accountable to those standards, and- crucially- designing environments in which others work…

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