Effective Change Management And The Leadership Skill Of Human

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"Effective change management with employees" is consistently listed as one of the top five project success factors in Prosci 's benchmarking studies. To effectively manage the people side of change, a plan must be developed that includes similarly tangible and concrete steps to achieve the five key goals of ADKAR in the people who are required to change as a result of the project. This cannot be left to chance or assumed it will happen naturally. (ADKAR Model of Change. 2016).

Robert Katz established a set of leadership skills to include administrative skills, technical, human, and conceptual. This essay will attempt to highlight the importance of human skills as it relates to a change management scenario. Additionally, this essay will focus on the ADKAR Model of Change and its relationship to change management and the leadership skill of human.
The Prosci ADKAR Model is a goal-oriented change management model to guide individual and organizational change. ADKAR is an abbreviation that represents the five outcomes an individual must achieve for change to be successful: awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, and reinforcement. (ADKAR Model of Change. 2016). Each of these building blocks.

1. Awareness of the employee on why change is needed
2. Desire to actively participate in the change
3. Knowledge of the employee to make the change
4. Ability of the employee to implement new skills and behaviors necessary for change.
5. Reinforcement of the organization not to…

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