Effect Of Parents On Children Essay

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The effect of parents on child The effect of parents on their children can be positive and negative values on the child life. Some families teach many good things to their child, but some not. Most of the time those who grow learning good things become good and those who learn bad things become bad. When I was born my family taught me good things and helped me to grow so I can be the person I am today. My family has big roll in my life through my religion, my behavior and my relationship with others. Many parents raise their children in a good manners but most of them forgot to teach them their religion. But my parents are not like that. From my childhood my parents raised me in their religion. When I start grew up physically they took me to church. At the time I didn’t understand anything they told me but when I was five years old my father sat me down and helped me to read every alphabet. From then on I started to read the Bible also going to church every Sunday; then after I understood that God used my family to teach me every day through his Bible and also I grew in my faith that I have on God and in his love deeper. My father and mother are the ones who have a good effect on my character that I have today to listen to what peoples are saying and to teach peoples without hitting them. They have a good Character to listen to peoples, even when they talk, they talk in good manners for example they listen to others and they talk back when…

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