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Professional domain: Education has been my professional domain. I started to work at a private nonprofit agency, “The Children’s Center of Cicero Berwyn” in 2005. I worked as a teacher for two years and later became an assessment coordinator for Early Reading First, Roots of Language and Literacy (ROLL) project, followed by Health and Disabilities coordinator, then Early Head Start director and Pre-K director. I also taught a semester at Northeastern Illinois University in fall of 2011.
Current assignment (what you do): I work for a non-for profit education organization working with low-income families. I have worked in this organization for eleven years in different realms. Currently, I am directing two programs: one is federally funded Early
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I belonged to a strong family with eight siblings. My father was very honest and ideal man. He grew up in the times when India was going through independence struggle. He belonged to Gandhi era and strongly believed and practiced ideals in a form of a metaphor, “Simple living high thinking.” I grew up in a household that held values such as honesty and respect utmost. Although, my father had many opportunities to make lot of money, but he did not, even though, he had a lot of influence. My father’s priority for his children was education, health, and sound values. We grew up with very limited resources almost with very meager income. I don’t remember having great clothing or toys growing up. My father struggled to keep up with our education and good nutrition. I never saw my father deterring from …show more content…
Material stuff does not attract me; I am fine with minimal material but I continue to encourage education for my daughter and for myself. I think maybe my True North has put me in this program. I want to make difference in the world that I live in just like my father did. I am very proud of my father’s legacy. Even in death, he holds very high respect for his honesty and his simple living and high thinking. He embraced diversity beautifully by studying all religions of the world and concluded that the essence of all religions is humanity. Growing up, my life was tough living almost in poverty stricken home, but my parent’s love and strong values kept me going with hope, faith, perseverance, and

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