Personal Narrative: My Journey To The Gandhi Bridge

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We reached Patna by late afternoon. We disembarked our bus at the Gandhi Bridge as it was known among the passengers. It is one of the longest bridges in the Asia built on the holy river, Ganges. It had made our journey pretty much comfortable. Earlier, it was a gigantic task to reach this city. You would have to use the ferries and boats to cross this mighty river. And it took many precious hours then.
We put our bags and sacks of the grain on many men-drawn cycle rickshaws as it was the most convenient mode of the transport here. There were tempos also, but it was not much convenient for us. The rickshaw would not only take us comfortably through the narrow lanes and streets of our colony, but they would also help us in carrying our things inside our home. We knew it by our own experiences.
Patna was a new place for me. It was also the first metropolitan city in which I was going to live. Earlier, I had lived in small towns for only a brief period of time with my father. But, now, I was looking forward to live longer.
It made me somehow happy and ecstatic to think that here I could get the opportunity to study like a regular student. Till that time, I had studied only as a private candidate.
We reached in just a half an hour from the bus stop to our flat. The journey had left us completely tired
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It was not a big one. A three rooms modest flat was not enough to accommodate well a family of six children and two adults. But, we had to be content with it. We knew that our father’s earnings was not good. Being a junior engineer, and with having an image of a clean officer, nothing could come from a modest salary of a few thousand rupees. He was known for his honesty and integrity in his workplace. He would take bribes as an unethical thing, and he thought that if he brought anything from that money for us, we would get spoiled. He was also a very religious kind of person, but not much regular at his

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