Professional Learning Community Model

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According to Dufour (2004) the professional learning community model requires educators to focus on learning, working together and holding themselves accountable for their own improvements (Dufour, 2004, p. 11). I recognize that in order for students to progress, educators must become lifelong learners by making sure students learn, collaborate with other educators and revise their teaching practices. Presently I facilitate professional learning communities that allow teachers to view and discuss data about their students. Teachers are prompted to share teaching practices that give ideas to other teachers on how to improve instruction. Then they create plans to ensure that students understand the skill or concept that’s being taught …show more content…
Educators learn similarities and differences about their teaching styles and how they can support each other. Professional learning communities are focused on improving teaching and learning. Teachers become reflective practitioners. Professional learning communities go beyond one campus. Professional learning communities allow for educators to network and form collaborative groups with other teachers beyond their school. Educators should collaborate with other educators around the world. According to
Ferriter (2009) educators who develop conversations and form their own learning networks when they make digital connections. It allows them to enhance their skills and deepen their knowledge
(Ferriter, 2009, p.86). As a teacher leader I plan to give educators the opportunity to share and view different perspectives of learning through PLC meetings with other educators. Sometimes this network collaboration is necessary to help guide and lead teachers about their teaching and own learning. For example, I will pair teachers with other teachers at other campuses to
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It’s my goal as a teacher leader that teachers won’t feel intimidated by each other. The meetings are not opportunities to showcase who is a more effective teacher by having the highest scores. Every teacher will be guided to participate in identifying the students who need to improve. Then together we can create a plan that will help the students to progress. As the school year advance, we will continue to view students’ scores. I will lead discussions at the professional learning communities meeting to ask teachers to share how they feel about the make-up of their classrooms. Should students move to different teacher classrooms who can model a skill better than another teacher? This is one question I would ask for feedback from the teachers on how they feel about this matter. Of course they wouldn’t be allowed to send all their behavior students away, however they will understand that they must show evidence of why each student may be sent to another teacher’s classroom for instruction on a particular skill. For example, when I

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