Educational Self : Education Self Analysis Essay

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Educational Self-Analysis Growing up I had this mindset where I believed that if I put effort into everything I did, I could accomplish anything and everything. According to Dweck in our society there are two different types of mindsets, fixed and growth mindsets, students that have a fixed mindset believe they are only limited to a little amount of knowledge while students with a growth mindset believe through effort and trying anything is possible (Dweck 1). When I was younger school was not difficult at all for me, I had high writing scores, I accomplished high reading levels, and my brain was always learning new things. But, somewhere along it changed and school was not my interest. High school starts, everything is going well my grades are B’s and A’s then I got distracted. I started hanging out with my friends and going out. Me as a person, I get distracted very easily so once I focused on my friends instead of school everything went downhill from there. I then had a fixed mentality of why am I going to try to do well in school if I am just going to attend PC, what was the point? Don’t get me wrong I didn’t start failing, I just did average, C’s were everywhere on my report cards. Senior year came around and I seen all my friends getting accepted into these colleges out of state and that was when I realized I should have focused on school. I started to beat myself down, but I knew I had to get back up and dust my knees off. Dweck states when it comes to setbacks…

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