Education Of Students With Disabilities Essay

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Every person deserves an education. Education is what shapes us, allows us to grow. As future and current educators or parents, understanding the perspective of persons with disabilities in the classroom is important. Also being confident in your own abilities and not being afraid to use the resources available to you can benefit the whole classroom. Education of students with disabilities is a social responsibility in order to better our global community.
As a teacher with a hand in the education of students with disabilities, it is my responsibility to enable my students to learn in the best way for them. Every student should feel welcome in the classroom and that they are a vital part of our small community. One of my many ideas for my own classroom includes a “puzzle” that incorporates all of the students’ names, decorated by them. This puzzle comes together to emphasize that without everyone, our classroom will not be complete, that every student is important in my classroom. In my experience, encouragement is a helpful way to get students to both actively participate and complete activities. One student in my field placement needs near constant guidance to complete tasks, but when I urge him on and tell him that I know that he can do it, he seems much more enthused with the assignment and proud of himself when he completes it.
An effective teacher of students with disabilities is one that actively utilizes the available resources to positively influence students’…

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