Education Is Truly What Makes The World Go Around Essay

2969 Words Dec 9th, 2015 12 Pages
People say money is what makes the world go around, however, education is truly what makes the world go around. If people really think hard about what education has done for America it is astonishing. American citizens getting a formal education is one major things that separates us from struggling third world countries. Formal education is what makes us humans more capable than animals. We have the brain capacity and the ability to learn more than just how to hunt and survive. Education has to begin somewhere, and for most people, the beginning of their educational journey starts with preschool. All educators are important but preschool teachers are often times a child’s first glimpse into the world of never ending education. If people take time to step back they can see; the huge change in education through the years, the grueling process of getting the best degree from the best college educators can, the immense responsibilities and what an educator does every day, the job or lack there is of job opportunities in any field of education; as a country they can appreciate our educators with newly found respect. The standard for American education and its teachers has done a full 360 degree turn since the educational standards of the colonial time period. In this time period the majority of teachers taught until they could find a better job. Teaching was seen as a temporary position, and teachers were deemed either acceptable or unacceptable on the basis of their religious…

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