The Traditional Model Of Education In The United States

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The model of education has an important role in growing good generations having a great knowledge and full of enough education that helps them in their life. The traditional model of education has some good aspects and bad aspects for the school students of current generations. So, should the education paradigm that is followed by the schools in the United States be changed? Public schools have to make some changes in their education models in order to help students to love the school, pay attention, seek toward the education, and perform what they have to do in a good way. These changes are either related to the teaching style of the teachers or the systems of schools.

The style of teaching has an important role in affecting on the
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One important good side is classifying the students based on their ages. This is better than classifying them based on their intelligence level. The reason of why classifying them basing on their ages is more preferable is because students will not feel that they are not like their peers of the same age. The feeling of preference between two students leads to psychological problems for the students and bad feeling to a school and their peers. Of course, there are two types of students. First type is the students who understand the material more easily and without taking so much time. Second type is the students who need much time to understand what is going on in the material and lecture. But, that does not give an enough reason for schools to separate between their students. For example, two students of the same age; one of them is considered from first type who easily and quickly understands the material, and the other student is considered from the second type who needs time and effort to understand the materials. If the schools separated them and put them in separated grades, the second type student will hurt psychologically. This is because he will think that he has a problem with his brain, he is not like his friend, he cannot do his homework, and many other problems. He will feel bad and begins to hate his friend, material, teacher, and school. Therefore, his ability to perform his homework will decrease. But, if both of these students were in the same grade, the first student may help in motivating the second student to seek toward doing what is the best for him. Also, they may share their homework together in order to collaborate to understanding the material, so the second student will earn worth benefits from the first student. This will show how the traditional way of education is good at that point and

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