Education Is The Key To Success In Life

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“Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.” This is a quote said by Solomon Ortiz, who was the former U.S. Representative for the state of Texas (‘ORTIZ, Soloman P. –biographical information’, n.d.). Although there are many professions that are important for much of society, an argument could be made that teaching should be at the top of the list. Education is a field that plays a crucial role in the development of the children in the world. A teacher has the opportunity to educate young children and adults numerous fundamentals of wide ranging subject material. Out of the countless reasons to become an educator, the reasons that I wish to become a teacher are I would have the …show more content…
This field requires certain personality traits in order for the teacher to be the most beneficial for their students. First, a teacher must be able to communicate well with the people around them. Besides understanding their content area, if a teacher cannot teach the material, then they are not benefiting the student. Although I have not particularly enjoyed public speaking in the past, it still remains an activity that I have not had much of a problem with. The significance of public speaking has been stressed as my time as a student. Different speeches and presentations that I have completed provide confidence that I have strengths to be an effective communicator. A teacher also must show responsibility, kindness, and honesty. Attributes such as these have been taught me throughout my entire life. Both of my parents are currently educators, and were strict when it came to these traits. The time spent on my high school National Honor Society acted a useful source as well. In the National Honor Society, volunteering for the community was the primary goal. This time spent working with different organizations, children, and groups have shown me the value of being kind and helping those in need. Although there are a majority of personality traits that I did not mention, I believe I have the drive to keep improving myself to be the …show more content…
Like I previously mentioned before, my parents are both teachers and have been a majority of their lives. I believe being an educator has had a direct effect regarding the way they have raised my brothers and myself. Communication was stressed along with being respectful to all people. There would be a price to pay as well if they found out that we were misbehaving in school or not getting our work done. Teaching is a profession that can benefit for the way I will raise my children. This field translates to the outside world extremely well. Additionally, deciding to become an educator could open doors to other interesting possibilities. These possibilities could be found in coaching, extracurricular activities, and administrative positions. My father is a teacher, a varsity level basketball coach, and an assistant athletic director. He would not have had a chance at being an athletic director if he had not been a teacher involved within the school system and a coach. Teaching is revolved around the students benefit, but it does not mean that it does not show benefits for the teacher as

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