Education Is The Foundation Of Knowledge And Success

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Education is essentially the foundation of knowledge and success. When stripped down, education is the passing on information from one generation to another. While the premise of education sounds so simple, there are many different factors and obstacles when it comes to a person obtaining and retaining this information. These obstacles forespoken include different learning styles, teaching styles, class, race, cultural backgrounds, politics, and religion. Oddly enough, most schools educate students on these same subjects. Overall, the purpose of education is to inform people on the way the world around them works. Personally, I believe that the most important factors that should be regarded by an educator are learning and teaching styles. …show more content…
While K-12 schools focus more solely on these subjects and post-secondary schools give students more academic freedom, I believe that these subjects both help and hurt the learning process. Most would agree that these subjects are the most important for students to learn when it comes to real-life application in their future academic and working endeavors; however, I feel that all students learn different subjects more efficiently at all different ages and should be given the option of focusing on what subjects they feel more comfortable with at that particular age. For example, all through my secondary-education stint I could never grasp the concept of mathematics. When I got to college and my brain had been better conditioned and math has been one of my strongest subjects.
Schools should let students explore courses that educate them about different career choices at younger ages. This would help students come up with a more concrete idea of what kind of work they want to do after graduation and there would be less students without majors and probably higher enrollment rates in college. Secondary-education schools have been converting to more of a higher education style structure in the ways of letting students choose more of their classes than before and offering a wider variety of learning options and I feel that this is a wonderful direction for schools to be heading.

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