Education Is The Foundation Of Knowledge And Success Essay

908 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Education is essentially the foundation of knowledge and success. When stripped down, education is the passing on information from one generation to another. While the premise of education sounds so simple, there are many different factors and obstacles when it comes to a person obtaining and retaining this information. These obstacles forespoken include different learning styles, teaching styles, class, race, cultural backgrounds, politics, and religion. Oddly enough, most schools educate students on these same subjects. Overall, the purpose of education is to inform people on the way the world around them works. Personally, I believe that the most important factors that should be regarded by an educator are learning and teaching styles. The role of a teacher is to simply pass on information whereas the role of a student is to retain this information. However, teachers are often looked to as role models and heroes. Many of them greatly influence a student’s life far past the classroom. Especially with younger students, teachers not only pass on academic information, but information on how to function in society. A teacher should be able to observe their students and decide what types of learners they are and be able to mold their teaching style to adapt to each learning style. While personal boundaries are a must in every classroom, it is vital for teachers to be able to slightly overcome these boundaries just enough to understand what different students are retaining and…

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