Essay about Education Is Serious For Students

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Education will always be an important area of our life, it’s becoming more important as times goes on. The knowledge we gain in education is vital to what we will accomplish in life. Educations makes the world around us comfortable to live in and changes it into something better. It develops our opinions in life, and builds on it continuously. There are many debates about whether not arts should be included into education of students of all ages. Arts include: Music, dance, art, and drama. These are essential in students of all age’s lives, especially when they are at a young age. In this paper, I will be responsible for showing proof about how arts in education is serious for students to have with in their education.
Creativity is a vital characteristics to have when you become adults, it becomes all about who can come up with the best ideas. Having your own sense of creative makes you the unique person you are, no two people have the same kind of creativity. How do we usually end up developing this creativity level? A lot of it depends upon what you’ve been introduced to: art, music, dance, and drama are usually what forms a child’s imagination. Not only does arts give us a finding of creativeness, it also sets us apart from other people. It makes us become who we are today. If you enjoy it, it could shape your life very happily, and even if you dislike it, it will shape you also. Life’s all about finding what you dislike, so you can discover what you love. Laura McBain is…

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