Education: Education Is The Process Of Higher Education

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Education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university. From my own perspection education is a way to gain knowledge about the things that exist in the world and it also helps a way to understand oneself. Also, it is an enlightening experience of life. There are three topic that will be discussed in this class. One: The best education for a disempowerment group to achieve empowerment is higher education. Two:The purpose of education is to develop your own talents and individuality. Three: Progressive method this helps minority students. The best education for a disempowerment group to achieve empowerment is higher education. In other words, education is the weapon to gain your …show more content…
Sometimes parents choose their child to learn and study at home. They think it is dangerous for their child to be with others because when the child starts spending time outside of house their change and it become harder for the parents to control their child. They believe school’s nature will led them to the wrong path. Another reason is that, it 's hard to find out how well or bad your child are doing at school. However, that is how the nature is. But that does not mean your child is learning everything from you because you don 't know most of the lessons which are being taught at school and their are no exam that your child is taking unlike others. They are being inside of the box meaning homeschooling is limited learning. Alos, they 're not going to earn any certificate by learning from you. One of the reason I choose the philosophical principle is because schools helps you learn about others. School is thingking out of the box and developing your senses and own ideas. In school one child can learn from other. Everyone has different abilities. One might be slow learner and one might be fast learner and school helps students to work together. School is fun because you get to meet new friends, you get to play, you can get help from other. Also, going to school helps child to extend their sense of being human being. Schools helps you to connect with others. One of the most important reason is becoming mature

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