Why We Should Be Taught In Higher Education Essay

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Education is rapidly changing in today’s society to meet the needs of the world around us and has left art and other skills behind in the process. In the article “Behind the Cello” Yo-Yo ma writes about how our society has modified our education to accommodate science without art. Students have begun missing out on opportunities in their life, and skills they have not been taught from missing out on art. Citizens today may become fit knowledge wise to go into the workplace but may be unprepared to meet the many other challenges that may come. Education and the teachers within it should help to keep students from experiencing this by incorporating non-academic lessons within each of their classes whether it be science or art based. In “The Future of College?” by Graeme Wood shows his view of a university that has implemented an education that focuses on teaching lessons combined with its classes. Although these skills have many benefits they should not be required to be taught in higher education.
Education should be able to create a working citizen of society. Many students will attend higher education in the pursuit of a degree so that they have a chance of getting into the career of their choice.
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Even though these skills are important they should only be required as an elective until the higher education. Through lower education to higher education the skills should be intertwined within the classes to replicate a more realistic scenario of daily use in order to teach the students without creating unnecessary workloads for them. Teachers should be able to create a properly informed citizen to society by the end of a student’s school life. These skills are best taught within a school environment as schools provide peers that can help to reinforce these skills. Otherwise students are stuck to learn these skills on their own leaving the possibility of learning it

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