Essay About College Education

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Thinking about going to college? Well, either if one agrees or disagrees, a college education is a very helpful variable in life. When going to college, one can be able to obtain a better job and stay in it longer than others,depending on how high or how better the amount of education a person has. Once a person goes to college their life can change entirely. College can bring a better life than how it all started because of college degrees. Education and hard work can really pay off once one graduates. It may be expensive,but one will have more experience. Once an opportunity comes then one should probably go to college. A person can become anything that they’ve dreamed of. Here are three reasons for why one should go to college. A college education is valuable because people are able to find better jobs,earn much more money and are able to meet new people along the way with obtaining newer social skills. Starting off with the first reason where Barack Obama said,”And no matter what you want with your life,I guarantee …show more content…
One could argue that college is too expensive and can cause debt from student loans,but here’s the weakness. The average college graduate earns about $22,000 more per year than someone who has only graduated high school (“Five Ways Ed Pays”). Over the course of a lifetime, one will make much more money than a high school graduate. Someone will then be able to pay student debt. Most people around someone will encourage them to go to college. Think about how life can change,once a person changes thought of not going to college. Accomplish dreams,and explore the world getting much more knowledge than where one has started off. Imagine all the possibilities and opportunities that someone can receive or achieve. Just don’t forget to remember to have fun once in

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