Education And The Spartan Discipline For Youth Essay

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Education in Sparta and Rome Both articles, “The Ideal Education” and “The Spartan Discipline for youth”, demonstrate how the educational methods of both Sparta and Ancient Rome were different in many ways; nevertheless, the objective of educating their youth was overall similar but with different areas of focus. In Sparta, education for the youth, in particular for boys, was centered towards discipline, obedience, and physical ability. On the other hand, Ancient Rome focused on knowledge since it was one of their core values. Despite the great dissimilarities, there were a few similarities like the age education .and who was educated. To Sparta, having the most powerful military in the world was the most important priority at the time. Raising healthy children and preparing them to serve in the military was the way youth were educated in Sparta. Children were thought to not be afraid of anything and have courage. As Plutarch states, “The children grew up free and unconstrained in limb and form, and not dainty and fanciful about their food; not afraid in the dark, or of being left alone; without any peevishness or ill humor or crying” (Plutarch, 1). The Spartans needed strong, healthy, and courageous children who were obedient. When children reached the age of seven they had to join specific classes or companies where they will gain discipline, strength, and experience (Plutarch, 1). As Plutarch describes, “As soon as they were seven years old they were to be enrolled…

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