Essay about Educating Children And Families From Diverse Cultures

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In New Zealand early childhood education services are becoming more culturally diverse, with the increase of children and families from other countries. It is up to the teachers in early childhood centres to provide the support these families need. Therefore, this essay will discuss some strategies early childhood teachers could use to support children and families from diverse cultures. It will briefly focus on how a teacher’s attitude and beliefs influence their relationship with children and families.

One strategy teachers could use to support children and families from diverse cultures is through the inclusion of each family’s culture being displayed throughout the centres learning environment. This can be done by creating a welcoming environment where the child and their family can feel safe and comfortable. According to Gerrity (2003), teachers should encourage new families to stay with the child for the first day, giving them an understanding on how the centres routines work and helps teachers changing the environment to be respectful towards cultural beliefs and values. Also, teachers are able to incorporate cultures of their students into environment through toy, games, stories and other resources. For example, Nemeth and Erdosi (2012) suggest “to help families feel they have chosen the right programs, pictures and languages on signs and displays should reflect the languages and cultures of the community” (p51). Therefore, teachers have the role of making sure all…

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