Family Support Observation

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For this assignment, I looked for a variety of items that demonstrate family support in Downtown Doral Charter Elementary (DDCE). I found some of the items on the list inside of the pre-k 3 class, in which I am completing my service learning hours. Initially, I believed that I was going to find every item on the scavenger hunt. Unfortunately, I did not find every item and realized that several of the items that I did find needed improvements.
Gained Insight
Completing this assignment, helped me understand that schools and centers can establish welcoming environments and provide family support through several ways. For starters, schools and centers can provide information about their staff members in the office or around the school.
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First, they carry out several events to show the students’ diverse families that they are greatly appreciated. For example, the pre-k 3 classes hosted a “Mommy & Me” breakfast in May to honor all the students’ mothers. Also, the administrators and teachers plan and carry out events that every family can cherish. For instance, the pre-k 3 classes will have an end of the year awards ceremony and every student’s family is invited to this special event. Furthermore, the administrators and teachers constantly talk to the students’ parents or legal guardians. They inform them about upcoming activities and/or the progress of their children. During my service learning hours, I noticed that Ms. Pena and Ms. Nidal, the pre-k 3 teacher and paraprofessional, knew their students’ parents and tried to speak with them each day during drop-off and pick-up time. This constant communication helps families feel comfortable enough to reach out to the teachers and administrators. During my scavenger hunt, I was able to find that a mother of a pre-k 3 student had recently sent an email to the teacher and administrators thanking them for hosting such a wonderful “Around the World” day at the school. Moreover, the administrators and teachers listen to suggestions that the students’ families give. For example, one parent suggested a celebration to honor the volunteers at school and the following month the whole school was part of a “Celebrate our Volunteers” day. Last but not least, pre-k 3 classes contained several materials that promoted diversity, in general. The materials range from multicultural dolls to

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