Ebisu Research Paper

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"Ebisu is part of Shibuya-ku and close to Daikanyama.
Recently, this area is changed rapidly, such as establishing many shopping plazas or restaurants. People think that Ebisu is one of a trendy/fashionable neighborhood because there are many spiffy looking people are working or living and luxury restaurants are in this area. However, not only these restaurants, but also famous ramen restaurants or any other reasonable price restaurants or Izakaya are existed. You can enjoy both atmospheres at Ebisu."
The burger is used 100% Wagyu beef that produced by Yazawa meat, one of the famous meat shops in Japan. Persistence of their food ingredients are not just beef. The buns or vegetables, used for burgers, are carefully selected. Therefore, the prices are not reasonable, but you will be satisfied about the costs once you eat burgers.
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Since 2011, the restaurant has received 3 Michelin-star every year. He was inspired Japanese Kaiseki style, and had incorporated that style to French cuisine. Theses day, not only luxury restaurants, but to relish his cuisine more easily to many people, there are bakery and cake shop, café, or bar restaurants over the world. Let’s have a meal in the world of Robchon.
This one starred Michelin stylish Chinese restaurant opened by one of famous Japanese chef, Masahito Namazue. Their dishes, created by him are not just authentic Chinese taste, but it is more like Japanese, French, or Italian fusion cuisine. These looks are not the same as Chinese you think of, but you can understand they are real Chinese dishes but more sensitive once you

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