Are Vegetarian Good Or Bad

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for plant food it usually takes more than a single serving to provide these nutrients. Meat provides saturated fat which enables the function of the immune system and nervous system. Saturated fats contain fat soluble vitamins needed for the proper function of serotonin receptors in the brain. According to a study done by researchers at the Institute of Social Medical and Epidemiology, vegetarians are more likely to suffer from anxiety disorders, due to the low levels of cholesterol they have ( So eating meat is basically required to maintain a good psyche. Vegetarians lack vitamin B12 compared to meat eaters; vitamin B12 is essential for a healthy digestive system and nervous system, and meat is its best source. The perception …show more content…
Vitamin b12 is sure prove that we need meat in our diets. B12 is absolutely important and necessary for survival. Besides synthetic b12 didn 't exist until the 20th century and who know what side effects that carries. If our ancestors were vegetarian we would not be here today because we would have all died from anemia due to vitamin b12 deficiency. Ethically is eating meat bad? My answer would be “NO!” But the only problem would be the ways animals are treated and processed for food. Though methods have been created to reduce the suffering of animals I 'm sure the restrictions are very loose and not exactly enforced. Our focus should be to ensure better living conditions for animals and humane treatment. The method used for organic meat should be our priority. If all this is ensured I don 't see anything ethically wrong with eating meat, it is natural and has been in existence for many years. But seriously who wants to be stuck eating celery and broccoli all their life. Or instead wouldn 't the overwhelming, delicious, juicy and crispy taste of fresh bacon in the morning with pancakes fill your soul. If eating meat is a sin, then I might as well be a first class citizen with everyone else. Anything we do in this world would always have consequences especially when it is overdone. The answer is moderation, even over-sowing can have many negative effects. So if eating meat is being done in moderation, then it shouldn 't be a problem. The fact is, we are omnivorous, which means we can have the best of both worlds, I wouldn 't want to be stuck in a void of veggie eating drones, giving up the meaningful taste of life. My look on vegetarians is they live an existence devoid of the taste of heaven. Vegetables are good for one thing and one thing alone, being in the ground, sucking the joy out of every child and eaten by

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