Jonathan Safran Foer Eating Animals Analysis

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The book Eating Animals is a journalistic book written by Jonathan Safran Foer. In the book Foer talks about good and bad consequences of eating animals in America. He talks about animal welfare in family vs. factory farms, animal diseases, slaughter and much more. Foer does not a directly attempt to convince the reader to become vegan, however his main idea does focus on many problems of the meat industry being solved by people becoming vegan. But is this solution realistic?

Foer himself is vegetarian, and in the book he shows a pro vegan attitude. Especially now with his newborn son, it is important for him to choose food carefully for both him and his family. Foer argues against factory farms, because of how they mistreat animals and how the environment get affected by the big “shit” dumping industry.

As he broke into a farm in the middle of the night, Foer could see dead chicks laying spread
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Which once in awhile would overflow, “(...) it seeps into rivers, lakes and oceans -killing wildlife and polluting air, water and land(...)”(Foer 174). This is very relevant to Foer’s main argument because it is a very common and relevant theme discussed in both politics and daily-life conversation. Factory farms are polluting the environment, we only have one planet, one environment. This is why people might find this argument supportive to the main idea of becoming vegetarian.

All these arguments fall under the main argument, which is pro vegan. In other words, if one stops eating animals, one does not absorb the drugs and diseases. One does not support factory farms (by buying their products), which then makes a decrease in factory farming. Which then makes a decrease on environmental poisoning, and an increase animal welfare. But, this is not very likely to happen. Because people want to eat meat, and at the end of the day, people eat what they want to

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