Early Stages Of Childhood And The Early Stage Of Adulthood

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As I examine myself during the stage of childhood and the early stage of adulthood, I came to be very thankful for where I stand today. Both my parents came to America as illegal immigrants not being able to speak any English but wanted to pursue the American Dream. While we had to over come many obstacles, I had one of my own. Even though I wanted to believe in myself, I knew I would not be able to attend college or even think of attending an astounding University because I needed to help my parent be financially stable. I was not your common child. I had great responsibilities to deal with at an early age. When my Father past away, my mother Rosa, became a single parent raising five children on her own, which did not come easily. I was raised …show more content…
My Mother’s family core values came from her parents of Mexican descent. My Mother’s parents were Catholic, very traditional. They believed in neither premarital sex nor abortion and same sex marriage was not even though of. Her family values consist of love, respect, communication, understanding, sensitivity, empathy, tolerance, honesty, hard work, flexibility, and most importantly forgiveness. As years past, she learned that the world was not small and came to accept new norms in life. Nevertheless, did not mean she wanted me to experience life to the fullest. She expected me to live a normal tradition …show more content…
The hard work and dedication of my mother and older siblings, I was the second person to graduate high school. In 2008 when I graduated High school, there was hardship in the economic system. It was a difficult time to acquire work and specially earn any scholarship to attend college. I joined the United States Army to persevere in life, put myself through college, and help those who worked so hard to help me achieve my long dream of becoming a Teacher.
Some people might ponder on the idea that I was raised poorly. Yes, I did not attend prestigious educational institutions or lived in the suburbs where everyone was well mannered. Nonetheless, it is a real blessing to have been raised at such a disadvantage. At first, it was a struggle but my family and I managed to overcome poverty. I stand today, leaving each value I was taught as a

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