Middle Adulthood

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Middle Adulthood
Middle of adulthood it the time in life between forty and sixty years of age. In a middle adulthood people start to looking about on where their life is and where they wanted their life to be. This can lead some to fell un satisfied with their life and have a ‘mid-life crisis’ It is also a time when changes at home can be happening, children can be leaving going off to college or even moving out. Their dynamic at home can change living some people unsure about their husband or wife now that they don’t have their kids around. Some people in middle adulthood may suffer a loss of their significant others death.
As you get older your child does as well entering middle adult hood may come with the added idea of those said children being old enough to leave home. wither it be off to school or to live on their own. This can leave some couples feeling the loss of their empty nest. No longer having children around, where most of your time went to as a
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Maybe you settle for a job that pay well but is not really what you wanted. Or maybe you did not make partner. Or maybe you wanted to me more than just a housewife. Or maybe you did not see yourself becoming the person you are now and you don’t like it. Looking back on your life and realizing you did not accomplish what you wanted can be very upsetting. This can lead to a ‘mid-life crisis’. A mid-life crisis is something that we most commonly think man are the only ones that go throw this but even woman do to. Usually once someone start to go through this they tend to make big changes to their lives that they are un happy with. They will quit their jobs or even divorce their spouse. Some people will even cheat on their spouse because they are not getting filament they

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