Early Childhood Education Framework Analysis

The early learning framework is the focus of this analytical essay. Most importantly it looks into the belonging, being and becoming part of this framework and how this can be utilized by childhood educators and family members. The purpose of this essay is to analyze the guidelines as set out in the document. And how this works within the education system. As well as how educators can learn from these guidelines.
The above document is an analytical document. It is a framework of guidelines used by early childhood educators for children aged 0 to 5 years old. The Early learning framework (2008)states that ‘the framework was developed for the Australian Government by early childhood Australia, as well as with considerable input from the early
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It also works, to show us that early childhood education is vital for any growing child. The author is also keen to focus on the quality, of the education a child is subjected to. And goes ahead to propose that the educational and environmental settings in which a child learns in ,should be well structured to ensure that, the early age of the child is utilized by the …show more content…
They end up being the most influential first educators. The key learning mechanism here is to look into relationships. This works to establish a child’s individual identity. The question of belonging is also answered in this level. This works by allowing a child to ‘figure out their idnentity and who they belong to’ (early learning framework,2008).After a child learns from their family, the process extends to the rest of society, this takes us to the next tier. (Siegel, 1999). As stated above a child’s development is not a one off process, but very complicated. Once a child is born, they are influenced by the immediate family members.But also the community plays an indispensable role in ensuring that a child grows in a holistic way. A child will learn about values via the community ,by the passing of information.This will be supplemented by the information they get from their family members in the previous tier. The proposal is to develop a framework that integrates many factors that are that directly or indirectly linked to the a holistic growth of a child(early learning framework,2008), by going further and establishing the importance of several peripheral factors such as culture. The article also works to show that in Australian schools, the learning setting must also be customized to educator’s

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