Dying With Dignity

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Dying With Dignity There are about 564,00 people who die yearly from cancer and about 3 million people die from HIV/AIDS these are the most common known terminal illnesses. Most people are even uncomfortable talking about these illnesses let alone how painful they can be to live through and how physicians assisted suicide could help. These illnesses are 2 of the most commonly known illnesses for being impossibly painful and for people having to suffer through them because they have no cure. In the end days of life with these illnesses people suffer through unimaginable pain and suffering. The patients usually have impaired thinking because they are on so many pain medications that they can’t think for themselves they are not always awake …show more content…
A person with HIV or AIDS can end up in the hospital fighting for their life because they can’t fight off the common cold or flu. While people can now live 10 years plus with AIDS it is still a painful and scary disease. The last stages of death with AIDS can include the decline of mental function and HIV wasting away syndrome. A person that dies from AIDS may end up not even looking like the same person they were before. Patients with AIDS can suffer from a decline in mental in mental functions. “People in the final stages of AIDS often develop "AIDS dementia" and suffer from trouble concentrating and thinking, memory problems, difficulty moving, trouble speaking, decreased alertness, extreme mood swings and lessening interest in the world around them.” (Matthew Busse). This can mean that the patient may wake up and not know they’re own name or the difference between day and night or even recognize their own loved ones. These people suffer from wasting away syndrome much like with cancer these people lose control of their bodily functions and can’t do things for themselves these patients suffer for months from these conditions and the pain from sores on their skin that won’t heal. Why should a medical bored get to decide when the patient gets to stop suffering. This disease causes people to not know …show more content…
Harold was tried for murder.” (Claire Andre)This one sentence can show how painful it is for a family member to watch a person waste away and beg to die and how this one mans brother did what he felt he had to do because his brother , suffering from skin

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