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For example, role conflict, ambiguity, self-efficacy

& psychological hardiness may all affect the level of stress someone experiences.


The effect of stress is closely linked to individual personality. The same level of stress

affects different people in different ways & each person has different ways of coping.

Recognizing these personality types means that more focused help can be given.

Stress shows itself number of ways. For instance, individual who is experiencing high level

of stress may develop high blood pressure, ulcers, irritability, difficulty in making routine

decisions, loss of appetite, accident proneness, and the like. These can be subsumed

under three categories:

1. Individual consequences

2. Organizational consequence

3. Burno

Individual consequences:

Individual consequences of stress are those, which affect the individual directly. Due to this

the organization may suffer directly or indirectly, but it is the individual who has to pays for it.

Individual consequences of stress are broadly divided into behavioral, psychological and


1. Behavioral consequences of stress are responses that may harm the person under

stress or others. Behaviorally related stress symptoms i nclude changes in

productivity, turnover, as well as changes in eating habits, increased smoking or

consumption of alcohol, paid speech and sleep disorde

Psychological consequences of stress replace to an individual mental health and
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