Drunk Driving: The Consequences Of Drinking And Driving

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A drunk driver can be driving on the road anytime on any day, and with the possibility of negative outcomes to occur. Drunk drivers are being allowed to drive drunk because there aren 't any actual ways to prevent someone from getting in a car drunk. Intaking any amount of alcohol and then getting behind the wheel of a vehicle to drive, is putting everyone else out on the road in danger.
Important to realize the deaths caused by drunk driving . " In 2014, 9,967 people were killed in alcohol- impaired driving crashes, accounting for nearly one- third (31%) of all traffic- related deaths in the United States"(" Injury Prevention & Control: Motor Vehicle Safety", 2016). This is important to know because drunk drivers are everywhere, the person
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Already knowing that death is number one of the effects that arise from this action. In taking a stand and trying to stop alcohol intake before getting in a car and being behind the wheel to make it a prevention , there also has been other problems that arise from this action. These people that get in their car ready to drive; drunk have a possibility of getting pulled over, getting there licensed taken away, get taken to the station and possibly do some time in prison. These laws are great, but they aren 't strict enough. Someone should not have to kill someone to the get locked up, there should be a stop before putting other lives in danger. This all should be prevented. These issues that come with drinking and driving puts a hold on lives. Killing someone leads an individual with guilt for the rest of their life as well as being put behind bars for years. Many things come from this action on drinking and driving that cause a halt in a life, causing people to put dreams and plans on …show more content…
We want to put an end to this issue. Coming together and also understanding the negative effects that come out of drinking and driving for both the driver that is drunk and the other drivers that are on the road. In all, fifty states there should be security at every single bar, restaurant, club and any social event that sells alcoholic beverages. To have this put a stop to this issue, the security will be positioned at every bar and club at the entrance. Everyone that goes to a club and goes to a bar goes to drink, therefore the security will be enforced to take an individual 's key. At a restaurant the server who is serving the food and drinks is responsible for anyone who is to order an alcoholic beverage. Going along with " Can I see your I.D please?" There would also be "May I hold your keys please?" If there is any response as of " no" than alcohol cannot be served to the following individual. On the other hand, if someone were to get caught on the road drunk, there would be a penalty up to five years in prison for putting the drivers life and others at risk of

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