Devil's Advocate: Case Study

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Devil´s Advocate:
Some people would object to our plan by claiming that dropouts are totally based on the student 's actions. According to World Socialists Website (2013) students are making poor choices. It is the minority students fault for not wanting to have instructional time, and going out to skip class, and doing other things instead of being academic & getting suspended. I believe that the graduation rates are fine and that they should stay exactly how they are. Students tend to want to enter the job market earlier to make money, so they drop out of school, and start working. Students are not working hard enough, and not wanting to make something of themselves. The teachers give the students extra work and lots of responsibilities,
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Schools with high bullying rates have high dropout rates.However, schools with low bullying rates have low dropout rates. Students feel unsafe/uncomfortable in their learning environment as a result of them being bullied for their will to learn, this leads to many high school dropouts. The study followed 7,082 students as well as 2,764 teachers in Virginia from 2007-2011. Schools with high rates of bullying had dropout rates 29% above average, whereas schools with low levels of bullying had dropout rates 28% below …show more content…
As students, we need smaller class sizes to increase graduation rates. Some students learn more when they are in a smaller class because they have less distraction and they have one and one help form their teachers. The advantage of smaller classes is that you gain and do more work. For teachers, having a smaller number of students will be less pressure on the teacher and the students will have more resources. The teacher will have more time to spend with the students so that they can improve and do their school work properly. I strongly believe that students should receive classes that they need to graduate from school. Than they are doing classes that are not necessary for graduation. Then they have to work harder to meet the requirements for

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