Drones : The New Revolutionary Invention Essay

1620 Words Jul 12th, 2016 null Page
Military drones are the new weapons in this day in age. More and more countries are getting their hands on this “cheap” robotic technology and using them for reasons such as spy planes or weapons used in warfare with other countries. . The question is, are drones a good thing for the world or do they pose a threat to everyone? Drones are helpful to our military in that they go on dangerous missions instead of the government having to send in troops in to fight against terrorists. The more of these robotic devices the government has, the less the amount of troops we deploy into these countries and bring back injured or dead. Drones are the new revolutionary invention that most countries will start using in their military as well. Some countries as of now have access to drones but are finding newer ways to advance them and make the drones better. They are upgrading these robots to make them deadlier, stronger, and more durable. Not only can these drones fight in the war, they are supposed to prevent future warfare among countries. Along with these reasons on why the military should have and use drones, there are cons to having them in the world. The drones can kill terrorists, but they can also harm and kill civilians as well. They can target innocent people if they get into the wrong hands. All in all, I think since we have drones, we should use them and they are a benefit to our government’s military if we use them in and out of warfare. The reasons why drones are bad for…

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