Analysis Of Tomas Van Houtryve's From The Eyes Of A Drone

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Cameras are increasingly deployed for surveillance, spying, or targeting” (Houtryve 449). In today’s society the government invades the privacy of citizens every day. From surveillance cameras, to hacking into our personal life, and now through different types of drones. In like manner, Tomas Van Houtryve is a photojournalist and writer whose artistic pieces documents the cultures and natural geography of places all over the world. Van Houtryve’s “From the Eyes of a Drone was first published in proof, which is an online photography journal of National Geographic. “In “From the Eyes of a Drone,” Houtryeve’s juxtaposes stunning aerial photography captured by drones with some of more questionable and nefarious uses of those very same drones” (449). Van hopes the …show more content…
Fundamentally, a drone is a flying robot. The aircraft can either be controlled by a remote or can fly freely through a software- controlled flight plan in their embedded systems that are working with sensors and GPS. Taken from internetofthingsagenda, the first drone ever created in history was called Queen Bee, a full-size retooling of the de Havilland DH82B biplane. Moreover, the military does not only operate on one type of drone. The military uses various types of drones. According to, “The CIA has about 30 Predator and Reaper drones, which are operated by Air Force pilots from a U.S. military base in an unnamed U.S. state”. A predator drone is used for surveillance while a Reaper drone is used for striking and attacks. However, both of these drones cost a lot of money and in my perspective the government is spending way too much money on these types of drones that sometimes can harm innocent citizens and put their lives at risk. The government should spend most of this money on organizations or things that can actually benefit towards hardworking

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