Good Uses Of Drones Essay

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Would the use of drones in the U.S. be a good thing? Drones offer a multitude of good uses for the people of America but there a few bad uses as well. A couple of the good uses for drones would be commercially by businesses or they could be used on the police force as well! Both of these examples would provide the greatest positive affect on America. Criminals and enemies of the U.S. could possibly use the drones against the U.S.
The first major positive use of drones by the U.S. would be by American businesses. Commercially, drones can offer many strategic advantages for businesses in America. One example of these advantages would be advertising. According to an article on “Not many things are capable of going as high as skyscrapers and maneuvering around the concrete jungles found in metropolitan cities around the country. Drones are the first technology to access this kind of space”. Practically drones can be a
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Drug traffickers have been able to use drones to carry illegal drugs in and out of the U.S. Drugs can be transported by drones throughout America as well. Drones are even able to transport things such as drugs to prisons as well. The last major bad use for drones is the ability they give criminals to use them for robbery. Drones used by criminals with the intent of committing robbery can provide very useful information for the criminals. This information would include everything a robber would need to know before robbing a place. Robbers could find out what’s in the targeted house and warn them of any security devices. Drones can be used to provide a bright future for America. They can single handedly boost commercial businesses in America along with providing the police force with many ways to keep America safer! Although drones could be used to quickly destroy what they bring as well! As technology who knows what the future of drones hopes for

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