Are Drones Good Or Bad

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Military drones are the new weapons in this day in age. More and more countries are getting their hands on this “cheap” robotic technology and using them for reasons such as spy planes or weapons used in warfare with other countries. . The question is, are drones a good thing for the world or do they pose a threat to everyone? Drones are helpful to our military in that they go on dangerous missions instead of the government having to send in troops in to fight against terrorists. The more of these robotic devices the government has, the less the amount of troops we deploy into these countries and bring back injured or dead. Drones are the new revolutionary invention that most countries will start using in their military as well. Some countries as of now have access to drones but are finding newer ways to advance them and make the drones better. They are upgrading these robots to make them deadlier, …show more content…
Going after terrorists are very dangerous for our troops and even though they are trained to take on these missions, some don’t make it back home to their loved ones. Drone use could be the answer to this problem as well. They are armed, remotely piloted aircrafts used by the military for reasons such as surveillance over countries or certain areas as well as air strikes on enemy targets. By being remotely piloted, we don’t have to risk our troops’ lives in these missions. If one drone was to be shot down, there is no risk of a pilot landing in enemy territory. “US drones in Afghanistan have been piloted from Nevada”, according to Hoover Digest. We would no longer have to worry about our troops or loved ones being captured and in the hands of the enemy countries. You would not have to worry about seeing terrorist make videos of hostages that you might know being tortured or killed in ways

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