Driving Is A Driver 's License Essay

750 Words Nov 29th, 2016 3 Pages
Driving takes skills such as good eyesight, concentration, safety skills, and judgement. There are many challenges to getting a driver’s license, and teenagers are not as inclined to get a driver’s license anymore because of inexperience with driving and more challenging driving conditions. The road test is also more demanding, and driving education and the price to insure a teenager gets more expensive every year. Parents also play an important role into whether their child decides to start driving, the more the parent does to emphasize safe driving habits the more likely it is for the teen to get a driver’s license. Teenagers who lack motivation or the proper skills for driving are less likely to get their license. But, there are positives and negatives to teens not having a driver’s license.
For teens having a driver’s license is the road to freedom, but that is no longer the case. There is a large number of teenagers that are happy they are not alone in delaying to get a driver’s license. Statistics have shown that over the past few decades, teenagers that get a driver’s license by the age of 16 years old has dropped significantly. However, most parents are comfortable driving teens to extracurricular activities, school, and other events. But, many people believe the reason teens aren’t as interested in getting a license anymore is because of social media and the internet. Young people today use cell phones, social media, and the internet to communicate with friends. A…

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