The Driving Age Should Not Be Raised Essay

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16-year olds have higher crash rates than drivers of any other age. Obtaining a drivers license is a huge new step to a 16 year old. Most may think that it is sense of independence and freedom. It is exhilarating to be a 16-year old and know that they will no longer depend on their parents to drive the to school, party 's, theaters, meeting with friends, and many other places. Unfortunately, being a 16-year old with a drivers license has brought a lot of problems to teens and their families. For example, a teenager 's brain is not as developed as an adults brain. Also, 16-year olds tend to have other teen agers in the vehicle with them, which can be a very dangerous and deadly situation. Even though some people may believe the driving age shouldn’t be raised, they may not know all of the risks there is to having a 16-year old have a license. The minimum driving age in Washington state should be raised to 17.

A 16-year olds brain is not as developed as an adults. In the article, Is 16 Too Young to Drive a
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Even though some may believe that Being a 16-year old can mean that ones brain is not fully developed yet, having other teenagers in the car can also bring lots of distractions to a teenage driver which can cause lots of deadly tragedies. Some do believe that letting 16-year olds should be allowed to obtain a drivers license but they do not know all of the things a 16-year old needs to be a successful driver, or all of the risks there is which can cause lots problems. Having a 16-year old have a drivers license can mean that parents no longer have to be driving their kids everywhere, but it is better to drive their kids for an extra year instead of having their child be disabled in a car crash and driving them everywhere for the rest of their lives. Safety is always first and having a 16-year old waiting until 17 to get their drivers license is the safest and brightest idea to

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