Should Driving Age Be Raised To 18 Essay

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Everyone has an opinion on whether or not there should be trust placed in youths. Would the trust be extended to something that everyone does everyday? As children transition into adulthood, they learn how to drive and start commuting themselves to their errands. In America, the legal driving age is 16, but some people believe that the age should be raised. However, the driving age should not be raised to 18 because that will cause drivers to be less experienced behind the wheel and will push back the ability to get a job. If people start learning to drive at 18, they will have less experience behind the wheel. With less experience, they will not be accustomed to road safety and general rules that every driver follows. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), older teens are more likely to get into fatal crashes than younger teens. Additionally, older teens were twice as likely to be in a fatal crash between midnight and 6AM than younger drivers. If older teens get into more crashes than younger teens then the only …show more content…
In fact, this generation of young teens are more responsible compared to their counterparts. Using information from the federal government, young teens are actually more likely to wear a seatbelt and are more worried about safety. Younger teens are also less likely to drink and drive. Overall, the fact that young kids are determined to get their driver’s license shows that kids can be responsible. Conclusively, kids deserve the right to drive at a young age. Early driving will make them more experienced behind the wheel. This will also boost their passion to get a job at a young age. The driving age should not be raised, 16 is a perfect age to start driving. Fight for the driving age to not be raised, the future of America depends on

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