Drinking Water For Bottled Water Essay

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Water is a key element around that world that living things need in their lives in order to live. Humans need at least over half a gallon a day and some strongly care what type of water they keeping their body hydrated with. There is one side that prefers tap water, then there’s the other side that favors bottled water. Out of the two tap water has almost always been the recipient of harsh criticism, but after a careful inspection , tap water is almost the same if not better than bottled water. Tap water is the better route to go because is cheaper than bottled water, plus reduces the use of plastic. Also, tap water is tested more thoroughly than bottled water by the FDA. Another key note is that there is proof that bottled water can damage our health, from the way it is transported and maintained. Water is water don’t discriminate tap water based on it’s lack of marketing when compared to bottled water popularity.
According to business insider a gallon of bottled water cost $1.22, on average, whereas a gallon of tap water is 300 times less expensive. That’s a huge price gap, considering that tap water is basically free and easily accessible to most people within the United States. It’s only steps away, to access water from a sink. “if you drink 8 glasses a day you will spend $1400 a year buying bottled water” (McLaren.) In comparison to bottled water where one would spend only 49 cents. Not to mention that tap water uses no plastic whatsoever, whereas bottled water…

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