Essay on Drinking And Driving Is All It Takes

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One Drink Is All It Takes
Drinking and driving causes an average of 28 deaths daily across America, that is one death every 53 minutes. These deaths are caused by people who disregard the safety of themselves and everyone around them. Most drivers forget the gravity of the act of driving a car. Operating a motor vehicle is essentially strapping into a several thousand pound bomb and hurling it down the road at incredibly high speeds and steering it through various obstacles. To do such a task impaired is simply idiotic and it is baffling that such acts are still common in American society. To be fair, drinking and driving is not the same for everyone. Some people are perfectly able to have a few drinks and operate a vehicle safely. Performance at operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol is determined by personal characteristics. Larger individuals won’t be affected by alcohol as severely as smaller individuals because they have more body mass to disperse it through. Similar to body size, individuals who have been drinking for a longer period of time develope a tolerance towards alcohol and will be less affected by it than once in awhile drinkers. There are many other factors that play part in the severity of one 's intoxication and all of the factors should be considered. That being said, even those who aren’t heavily affected by alcohol should not be drinking and driving. It’s very easy to misjudge ones competency when a few drinks have been…

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