Drifting Into Different Planes : Pilates Inspired Movements Essay example

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Drifting in Different Planes: Pilates inspired movements
Many people who sought to Pilates exercises are often instructed to use many planes so as to work and move efficiently. Drifting in different planes basically involves proper execution and movement awareness as a part of the equation. The various planes have beneficial effects to movement in life. Many of these movements are performed through the sagittal plane where extension and flexion are executed. Examples of sagittal plane movements include; square, bicep curls, walking, running and so much more. The different planes will enable students to have balanced bodies and they also help in the prevention of injuries. Want to try out the different Pilates moves during your next work out? Well, here are some of them
1. Seated Mermaid (Frontal Plane)
This plane movement is done while one is seated, with the legs crossed, arms by the sides and the shoulders positioned over the hips. The spine should be erected and the abdominals should be in an engaged position so as to support the pelvic and the lower back. After positioning your body correctly, you have to move your hand up, towards the ceiling and bend to side, bend until your arm touches the matt, the elbow should be bent so as to provide support. After bending fully, as stated, use your rib cage to initiate the back movement. Your arm should move back to the ceiling and then back to the floor. Do this again, but on the opposite side. Those who find it hard doing it…

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