Dress Code Vs Dress Down Essay

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Dress Code Vs Dress Down
A topic that captured my attention was an argument about rather or not schools should adopt the school dress code. This was a great topic simply because some think it is a sexist act towards girls also people thinks it questions boys maturity level. All schools should think about adopting school uniforms because it’ll stop competition between students, make the school a safer place for the students and teachers, and get the children ready for the real working world.
To begin with school dress code is a great thing simply because it eliminates all competition amongst students. Students get bullied because they’re less fortunate and cannot afford the name brand clothes that most kids can afford or because they are not updated with all of the new fashion trends of today. In the article, “Will schools uniforms help curb student violence,” the author says that, ¨ clothes breed jealousy because people will want what another has. If everyone is dressed alike, they will feel equal…” having all the children in the same uniform will eliminate all competition because everyone will not look any different and they can focus on their studies more instead of who looks better than who. Dress code will keep huge amont of kids out of the office for fighting over who looks the best.
Furthermore, dress code will make the school a safer place for not only the students but the workers too. The school dress code will make school safer by clearly identifying students from…

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