Dream Conspiracy-Personal Narrative

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It hit me like a bullet. How could this be happening? All I could think about was that I must be dreaming. Eventually the, dream conspiracy I had in my mind was soon cut short as some family started arriving at my house. There was distraught sadness in the air. Soon, Marissa arrived followed by my dad a half hour later. Marissa held me as the priest began saying the prayer. She was truly gone; This was not a dream. That night impacted me greatly. Through all of the chaos in my life, my sisters have always stayed by my side; they have been a driving force in whatever I do and have helped me become a caring, compassionate person. The summers were my favorite time as a kid; school was awesome, but summer was when I got to spend the whole day …show more content…
Marissa, my eldest sister, had moved out of the house and was going to college in Mount Pleasant. It was a huge change I went from seeing my eldest sister everyday to seeing her maybe twice a month. School was not any better; a lot of my friends moved away or started hanging out with other people. Near the end of eighth grade things started to get better; Marissa was coming home more, I was voted into student government. Things seemed to be going my way; I also made it on the Varsity Cheerleading team; both my sisters were extremely proud of me. During that school year, my class voted me into student council for the middle school. When freshman year rolled around I was nervous because it was a huge change from middle school. I luckily had both my sisters to help me through the first couple weeks. I gained more friends and I was overjoyed that I could go to an actual high school dance. Both my sisters were there to see me off. That was one of my greatest memories. But our bond would be tested by the worst event of our …show more content…
All the bad experiences that I have had in my life shaped me into a better person. Most people think about giving up after bad things happen to them, but not me. I will always remember the lessons that my sisters taught me. Even though I only have one of my sisters here with me, I know they are both watching out for me. The decisions I make in the future will always be influenced by what I have learned from my sisters and I am hoping that I will always make them proud. My sisters will always be my favorite teachers in life and I and thankful for

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