Dr. Greg Walton 's Colloquium Talk Essay

1009 Words Apr 7th, 2016 null Page
The Second RER I decided to take was to attend a special event. The Event I went to was Prof. Greg Walton 's colloquium talk. When I went on wednesday, march 26 we were having some trouble broadcasting the live talk. The teacher eventually decided that the best course of action to do was to get everyone 's last four digits of their school ID and she then sent us home. Those who wrote their name and placed their last four digits got an email that contained the the link to the recording of Prof. Greg Walton 's colloquium talk. In short the hour long video is about how to be a better student with the help of wise interventions, Prof. Greg Walton talked about how feeling important and relevant can help a student with their social and in turn professional surroundings. He tells stories and shows pictures to help the students understand his lecture. While watching the video for the first time I could not help but notice how many times the professor was stuttering and had too many vocal fillers. It was pretty difficult to watch because of this. To me he was losing credibility as a professor because how is he suppose to teach me about belonging in class if all I want to do is stop him and question if he feels if he belongs. Prof. Greg Walton throughout the full hour has have or maybe even more it was nothing but uhhs and umms. I think he should have practiced beforehand and should have maybe read off of note cards or a script. Other than his vocal fillers and constant movement…

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